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Singing in the Rain!!!!!

well well, some changes to report from Capital2 Land. After a lovely 4 years being headquartered in the South of France we are taking the plunge (and throwing away our beach towels) to move the business up to Paris.
Why the hell would we do that I hear you cry, well let me tell you.
1) All our French clients are based in Paris, we do next to nothing in the south.
2) With the above being true, we need to aim to offer a better service to our clients, the best way to do this is to be near them.
3) Similarly our candidates will now have a chance to meet us face to face much more easily.
4) We’ll be closer to our UK office and clients.
5) Who needs the sun and the sea and the mountains anyway!
All in all this represents a very exciting step forward for our business, and importantly, will enable us to increase our service levels to both clients and candidates.


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Q1 2012

So once again we’re running very late with this blog…… sorry to our faithful reader (hi Mum!).
Q1 2012 has not been the greatest to be fair, we have noticed a lot of volume from our clients (so there are companies recruiting, which is good right?), but actually getting things over the line has been tough… candidates seem a little reticent to make a move (especially in France, our core market, where the elections are making peple a little uneasy) and clients are definitely taking their time to ensure they have the best people. In the background the eurozone crisis is bubbling under, threatening to make things a little bit unsteady, but hopefully we can soldier on!!
Q1 also saw another hire, this time for our Paris office, and our new consultant will be targetting the banking market, specifically regarding IT profiles.
Q2 has begun a bit better, and as a company we should be looking to really kick on and start performing… lets hope we can do so and turn around a tough start to the year!!

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Where we’re up to……………..

So how is 2010 going so far for us here at Capital2 Solutions??
Basically things are good, but could be better!!
In terms of the business side, or NFI (Net Fee Income) as it is often called in the recruitment industry, our heads are well above water although we are behind on our target year to date. Q1 was excellent, Q2 poor, and Q3 is shaping up to be OK. Our total costs for the year are already nearly covered, but we need a strong September to get 2010 out of the way so that Q4 can be focused on developing strong revenue / profit in order to fund our growth plans for 2011.
What are these growth plans? Well, we have basically gone through a period of consolidation this year, and our plans are to hire a minimum of two consultants early 2011 so that we can kick on and kick on and begin to grow a lot quicker. Our existing team is great, but we need more!!
2011 will also be a year in which we focus a lot more heavily on our London based business and we are flirting a little with an APAC office based either Mumbai or elsewhere, although that coul dbe a longer term move – watch this space!

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Our local plans to bolster our international growth!

The first half of 2010 has gone very well for Capital2, we’re well ahead of where we were last year (although just behind our yearly target) and we are thinking of the development of the company.
Our aim is to build a long-lasting, ethical recruitment business based on certain shared values (more of which later). We also aim to integrate better into our local area, to become a prominent employer and success story in order for us to attract the best people to come and work for our company.
Late last year we moved the siège sociale of our business from Paris to the Sophia Antipolis region and our goal for the second half of 2010 is to extend our local network, and really put down some roots in the area. The strength of our business is our expert and international approach, but a possible weakness is that it is very difficult for us to reach out and touch our clients as they are based overseas or in the Paris area – we therefore are aiming to market our services more in Sophia Antipolis and Monaco, because the local market is there and we are better placed that most to serve the needs of dynamic technology and banking firms in this fantastic region.
Developing this local presence will also enable our company to provide opportunities to hire new consultants to service these clients, whilst our existing team continues to concentrate on our high level international relationships.
So our plans are to really become the recruiter of choice for Sophia Antipolis and Monaco, whilst maintaining our high delivery rate on the international front… thereby enabling us to grow our business and become firmly entrenched as a supporter of industry and a shaper of industry across both our local region and the EMEA wide market.
We mentioned values – another aim over the last 6 months of the year is to install a values based culture into our business. We will elaborate and promote certain key values inherent in our company and our approach and will endeavour to live by them… watch this space for the results of our work in this area!!!!

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The beginning of the end for the Euro??

The current furore over the Greek national debt / sovereign bond status has really highlighted the precarious state of monetary union.
We here at Cap2 really like the Euro and living in the Eurozone, it facilitates pan european business immensely. However there are various rumours afoot that the institution of the Euro is under threat.
The main theory is that Germany could pull out of the Euro, and create a kind of counter single euro zone based around the Mark. They could therefore escape having to prop up those countries running at huge deficits (Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Spain in particular) and could invite the up and coming eastern european countries to join their single currency zone.The Germans feel it is unfair that they should have to pay for running their economy responsibly. this would be disastrous for the EU – its largest economy turning its back on the euro!!
Probably the best solution would be for Greece to drop out of the euro, go back to the drachma, and try to regain her competitiveness (this would be easier for them to do if they were running their own currency – see the way the us and uk ‘printed money’ to stabilise their economies following the banking crisis).
However this would signal a massive failure in the european project… would Greece be able to stay in the EU? Would this hasten the calls for political union and therefore threaten to splinter the member states???
The ramifications of the next few days could be huge… let’s hope that the IMF and the EU member states can come to some form of agreement, as the last thing we need is a double-dip recession….
The effect on the recruitment markets would be considerable – would people continue to hire in uncertain times, would the euro drop sufficiently against the dollar to make it cheaper for firms to hire??? Would a drop in the euro reverse the trend of manufacturing outsourcing to the far east??
The early months of 2010 seemed buoyant, but confidence is a fragile thing. Could be an interesting few weeks!!!!!

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Final Quarter!!!

Heads down and crack on for the end of the year!
We’ve gone through a bit of a company reorganisation, couple of leavers, couple of hires in the pipeline.
An eventful couple of months and very bureaucratic, but now that’s done we can concentrate on hiring for our clients!
September was positive – hires made in Germany, Poland, France and Italy.
2009 is paid for – the last quarter is now abou maximising profit.
Good luck all!

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Interesting FT viewpoint on the Venture Capital market

Here at Capital2 we try to work with upcoming technology companies across EMEA. These smaller, dynamic organisations are the real drivers behind the entire ‘technology’ market as they bring innovation, new ideas and cutting edge techniques to the wider sector.
However according to the FT article pasted below which appeared on on the 28th August, the Venture Capital market (which supplies the funding for these start-ups), could be in a precarious position.
So, what coul dbe the fall out from this?? Read the article and see!!
Venture capitalists are professional optimists – they have to be. How else could they keep investing in new businesses where the obstacles to success would seem insurmountable to most people?

But sometimes reality just has to be faced, and the reality in front of the VC industry right now is not pretty.

Bill Gurley of Benchmark Capital sums it up here: half the industry could be swept away by the current downturn (though as an optimist, he clearly thinks he will end up in the fortunate half).

I confess to being one of those who has (wrongly) anticipated this moment for years – since the tech bust that began the decade, in fact. So why didn’t it happen before, and why will it come now?

The way Gurley, whose past investments include SecondLife, OpenTable and, describes it, the venture capital business is really little more than a cork bobbing about on the turbulent sea of private equity. Forget VC investment returns, which in aggregate have been pretty woeful for years: that didn’t stop the money from continuing to pour in, as institutions continued to “rebalance” their portfolios towards illiquid investments.

I had thought that the glaring over-capacity in VC in the wake of the tech bust would force a shake-out. But in a private market where valuations represent estimates and it can take many years for the final reckoning to arrive, I guess that belief now looks a little naive.

What matters now, as Gurley points out, is the wholesale flight from illiquid investments that has set in. The endowment world has been traumatised by its excessive fondness for private equity and presumably won’t make that mistake again (well, not for a while, anyway). The managers who committed the error have moved on and the next bunch will discover a new fondness for liquidity.

How much does this matter to the technology start-up world?

I continue to believe that a significant reduction in available capital needn’t prevent good businesses from getting backing, or hold back the overall level of innovation in the economy. Silicon Valley revels in the glorious waste that comes from having many entrepreneurs chasing the same business opportunities, on the grounds that this Darwinian mess will eventually yield a handful of successful companies.

But how many online video sites or thin-film solar start-ups does the world need, and why should the funding of marginal players do anything to increase the chances that the best companies will rise to the top? (They would rise to the top anyway, with or without the garbage.)

So, bring on the shake-out.

There’s just one thing, though. Given the nature of the business, Gurley reckons it could take five years or so. It’s probably better not to hold your breath waiting for this one.

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Social Networking and Job Searches

Interesting stuff from Reuters.
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Job-seeking in this 21st century recession may just have gone viral and mobile.

Since the start of the recession in December 2007, about 6.7 million workers have been laid off according to latest statistics — at a time the popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have exploded, drawing millions of users per day.

As these sites continue to alter social and cultural landscapes, they are also transforming the job search process, enabling more and more people to connect with potential employers, promote their own skills, set up support groups and search for job leads and contacts.

“Mobile technology and social networking has shifted the whole job search paradigm,” said Susan Joyce, editor of Job-Hunt.Org, a site offering online job search tips. “You don’t need to stay glued to your phone or computer at home anymore.”

With mobile devices playing a bigger role in the social networking phenomenon, any job hopeful with a Web-connected or smartphone can now compose resumes, view job listings and contact prospective employers on the go.

Joyce suggests creating a resume through popular networking site LinkedIn — a business networking site that lets users create a profile, list skills, work history, employment goals and contact details — is among the more secure ways to compile a resume online.

It can be done via Research in Motion Ltd’s Blackberry device or Apple Inc’s iPhone, she added.

“The LinkedIn Profile is really the resume of the future,” Joyce said. “The ‘resume’ on LinkedIn is really the standard LinkedIn Profile, but it’s very popular with recruiters looking for good candidates.

“You could build your whole LinkedIn presence from any Web-enabled phone.”

There are any number of job-search applications — downloadable programs for your phone — available for the iPhone, for instance, including one piloted by recruitment consultancy Harvey Nash. Others pool information on jobs in travel and in education, among other sectors.


With jobs still scarce, many hopefuls are getting creative about getting noticed. Many have begun using Twitter — a microblogging service that allows users to send 140-character messages at a time — to get the word out.

A career is unlikely to be launched on Twitter alone, but candidates are increasingly “tweeting” or posting messages to outline their skills, experiences and career goals. They are pasting links to their resumes on the micro-blogging service.

People can also use Twitter to follow recruiters or companies of interest and learn of networking events.

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Finally – the world’s worst kept secret revealed!

(From the BBC)
Yahoo and Microsoft have announced a long-rumoured internet search deal that will help the two companies take on chief rival Google.

Microsoft’s search engine will power the Yahoo website and Yahoo will in turn become the advertising sales team for Microsoft’s online offering.

Yahoo has been struggling to make profits in recent years.

But last year it rebuffed several takeover bids from Microsoft in an attempt to go it alone.

Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer said the 10-year deal would provide Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, with the necessary scale to compete.

“Through this agreement with Yahoo, we will create more innovation in search, better value for advertisers, and real consumer choice in a market currently dominated by a single company,” said Mr Ballmer.

In return for ceding control of its search engine, Yahoo will get to keep 88% of the revenue from all search ad sales on its site for the first five years of the deal, and have the right to sell adverts on some Microsoft sites.

‘New era’

Yahoo said the deal would benefit Yahoo’s users and advertisers.

“This agreement comes with boatloads of value for Yahoo, our users, and the industry. And I believe it establishes the foundation for a new era of internet innovation and development,” said Yahoo chief executive Carol Bartz.

The deal became possible after Yahoo’s co-founder Jerry Yang stepped down as chief executive of the company late last year.

“Only a Yahoo outsider like Ms Bartz could do such a deal,” said Tim Weber, business editor of the BBC News website.

“She has no sentimental attachment to what was once the core of Yahoo, its search business. Microsoft was helped by the fact that at long last it managed to develop a search engine -Bing – that is a credible alternative to search giant Google.”

Yahoo said the deal would boost annual operating income by $500m and secure $200m in savings.

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Microsoft in the cloud!

So Microsoft are challenging Google on the SaaS front now, by making various Office programmes available on-demand. This is widely seen as a reaction to Google launching their own OS recently.
Interesting times ahead if these two giants continue to circle each other!

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