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Q1 2012

So once again we’re running very late with this blog…… sorry to our faithful reader (hi Mum!).
Q1 2012 has not been the greatest to be fair, we have noticed a lot of volume from our clients (so there are companies recruiting, which is good right?), but actually getting things over the line has been tough… candidates seem a little reticent to make a move (especially in France, our core market, where the elections are making peple a little uneasy) and clients are definitely taking their time to ensure they have the best people. In the background the eurozone crisis is bubbling under, threatening to make things a little bit unsteady, but hopefully we can soldier on!!
Q1 also saw another hire, this time for our Paris office, and our new consultant will be targetting the banking market, specifically regarding IT profiles.
Q2 has begun a bit better, and as a company we should be looking to really kick on and start performing… lets hope we can do so and turn around a tough start to the year!!


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Additional Geographical and Sector Focus

As we have expanded our team, we have added in consultants with new areas of expertise. As well as our core markets of banking and technology in Southern Europe and the UK, Capital2 Solutions is now well placed to deliver on recruitment assignments in the following territories:

  • Germany
  • DACH and Eastern Europe, including Russia
  • Middle East
  • South Africa
  • Singapore

We have also added the following sector specialisms:

  • Mobility Solutions (including Telco)
  • Renewable Energy

The idea is that through growth, we are able to increase our service offering, without distracting from our ability to deliver world class recruitment solutions.

2009 is shaping up to be a difficult year, but our commitment to our clients’ needs, coupled with our flexibility should enable us to thrive in an increasingly challenging market.

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The Launch of Capital2 Solution’s Blog… Welcome!

Capital2 Solutions is a specialist recruitment organisation covering the high tech and Banking Technology markets. With offices in the UK and France, Capital2 Solutions covers the European market and partners with market leading software, IT services and Banking firms.

Check out our website and feel free to contact us at with any questions. This blog will be updated regularly and will be a window to the world of senior recruitment and an ongoing way for us to communicate our progress to the world.

We’re also present on LinkedIn, Viadeo and Xing so feel free to connect.

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