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Capital2 Solutions and BeMore to Participate in Movember

Yeah well file this under “seemed like a good idea at the time!”


This year the BeMore Group and Capital2 Solutions will be raising money to promote men’s health via the Movember movement. 

For those of you unfamiliar with this, it entails us growing moustaches for the whole of November in order to raise awareness of and money for various charities. More info at 

So please visit our page and donate…. in return we will provide weekly photo updates of our progress in order for you all to ridicule us. 

Watch this space!!! 



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Q1 2012

So once again we’re running very late with this blog…… sorry to our faithful reader (hi Mum!).
Q1 2012 has not been the greatest to be fair, we have noticed a lot of volume from our clients (so there are companies recruiting, which is good right?), but actually getting things over the line has been tough… candidates seem a little reticent to make a move (especially in France, our core market, where the elections are making peple a little uneasy) and clients are definitely taking their time to ensure they have the best people. In the background the eurozone crisis is bubbling under, threatening to make things a little bit unsteady, but hopefully we can soldier on!!
Q1 also saw another hire, this time for our Paris office, and our new consultant will be targetting the banking market, specifically regarding IT profiles.
Q2 has begun a bit better, and as a company we should be looking to really kick on and start performing… lets hope we can do so and turn around a tough start to the year!!

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Where we’re up to……………..

So how is 2010 going so far for us here at Capital2 Solutions??
Basically things are good, but could be better!!
In terms of the business side, or NFI (Net Fee Income) as it is often called in the recruitment industry, our heads are well above water although we are behind on our target year to date. Q1 was excellent, Q2 poor, and Q3 is shaping up to be OK. Our total costs for the year are already nearly covered, but we need a strong September to get 2010 out of the way so that Q4 can be focused on developing strong revenue / profit in order to fund our growth plans for 2011.
What are these growth plans? Well, we have basically gone through a period of consolidation this year, and our plans are to hire a minimum of two consultants early 2011 so that we can kick on and kick on and begin to grow a lot quicker. Our existing team is great, but we need more!!
2011 will also be a year in which we focus a lot more heavily on our London based business and we are flirting a little with an APAC office based either Mumbai or elsewhere, although that coul dbe a longer term move – watch this space!

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Additional Geographical and Sector Focus

As we have expanded our team, we have added in consultants with new areas of expertise. As well as our core markets of banking and technology in Southern Europe and the UK, Capital2 Solutions is now well placed to deliver on recruitment assignments in the following territories:

  • Germany
  • DACH and Eastern Europe, including Russia
  • Middle East
  • South Africa
  • Singapore

We have also added the following sector specialisms:

  • Mobility Solutions (including Telco)
  • Renewable Energy

The idea is that through growth, we are able to increase our service offering, without distracting from our ability to deliver world class recruitment solutions.

2009 is shaping up to be a difficult year, but our commitment to our clients’ needs, coupled with our flexibility should enable us to thrive in an increasingly challenging market.

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French Business Reform Going Far Enough?

Today’s Financial Times has an article stating that French busines leaders are concerned that Sarkozy’s reforms are not as effective as hoped. Sarko came to office on an economic reform ticket, yet business heads feel the reforms his government are bringing in could potentially cancel themselves out due to excessive red-tape and complexity.

Capital2 Solutions is based out of France primarily, so we have a vested interest in seeing Monsieur Sarkozy succeed after the lethargy and gentle decline of the last 20 years… come on Sarko, push through the business reforms and make entrepreneurship easier in l’Hexagone! If not we’ll do a Halliday and move abroad!

On a separate note the french finance minister forecast economic growth of 2.5% for 2008, up from 2% for 2007.

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Launch of our website

Well folks the capital2 website is nearly live…. keep checking and you blog readers will be asked for your feedback once our labour of love is online!

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