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A piece on our plans to develop the local market around Sophia Antipolis and Monaco (no apologies made for the cheesey photo):


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Update on Capital2’s progress

So, here we are at the end of July 2008, and given our ambitious growth plans outlined in an earlier blog, it would seem a good idea to have a check as to how we are performing against expectation.

The company began trading in February 08, although the first few months involved more administrative work and preparation than actual hiring!! The French SARL came into being in April 08 and this is really when we were able to shut the door on the bureaucracy and focus more on our clients.

Since then we have sourced candidates for roles in: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Germany and the UK. We have received job offers in Germany, Portugal, France, Spain and Italy…. not bad going considering!

These first few months have also been extremely useful in teaching us how to run a business, and we have extended our international network massively… 6 months in and we are much better prepared to take on executive search assignments and multiple job assignments anywhere in Europe. Our business is much more robust and better established.

Billing: Things are on track although we are behind out initial (ambitious) forecast… hopefully a strong second half to the year will get us back on track.

Growth: on track for 2009, nothing major planned for the rest of 2008, which is to be used to consolidate.

So things are looking positive, in a period of economic instability, we are performing to expectation. Our low overheads enable us to be flexible to meet the needs of various clients and the future is looking extremely positive.

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LinkedIn valuation??? Wow

From The New York Times this morning:

On Wednesday, LinkedIn will announce that it has raised $53 million in capital, primarily from Bain Capital Ventures, a Boston-based private equity firm. The new financing round values the company at $1 billion.

That heady valuation is more than the $580 million that the News Corporation paid for MySpace in 2005, but less than the $15 billion value assigned to Facebook last year when Microsoft bought a minority stake.

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Capital2’s Growth Plans

Capital2 Solutions currently comprises a group of two companies, based respectively in London and Paris, with a branch office in Sophia Antipolis. Our aim for 2008 is consolidation in France with added growth in the UK.

Although we have existing colleagues in the UK office and future senior collaborators already ‘earmarked’ for when they become available, we are still on the look out for talented UK based recruiters who wish to help build our business.

2009 is a year in which we aim to continue our international expansion and open a German division in order to cover Central and Eastern Europe more effectively. We will also look to expand our core French operation.

Once this structure is in place we will aggressively grow the business throughout 2010 both in terms of headcount and in terms of turnover / profit.

Our 5 year objective is to be at a headcount of 20+ fee earning staff and £5 million turnover spread through 4 countries by end 2012.

Our forecast shows that the growth curve will rapidly accelerate from 2010, when the company will be able to build quickly and sustainably on the solid foundations laid over the next 2.5 years.

How will we achieve this growth……… through a mixture of hard work and careful planning. Our aim is not to over-reach our capabilities or to take on unnecessary risk. Each Director (or Partner) is a fee earner. We are a lean, efficient organisation that is committed to best working practices and to client delivery. 

Our growth plans are directly linked to our ability to attract the best people in the market, their capacity to develop a market and their belief in our long term goals. If we cannot get the people we want to move our business forward, then we will simply wait until they become available because we believe in what we can achieve with the correct people on board.

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Who we are and what we stand for……

Capital2 Solutions is a young, expert and dynamic recruitment consultancy hiring senior candidates across EMEA. We are experts in the High Tech and Banking Technology sectors.

Our founder members are young recruitment professionals with extensive European hiring experience who, having grown disillusioned with the approach of the established agencies / consultancies, decided to embark on a new (ad)venture. We are learning how to effectively build and run an international organisation as we go along, but one thing we know inside out is our ‘metier’ – helping multinational companies hire the best talent in EMEA.

Capital2 Solutions has a vision in which the external recruiter works with the interest of the client organisation at heart, and is a trusted supplier. This contrasts with the sales-driven, aggressive tactics of the vast majority of (usually) anglo-saxon based recruiters.

Our recruiters are not targetted on sales figures, there is no month-end pressure on our employees and this means that our clients receive the best service on the market. As a client you will receive no pressure to make a decision unless you risk losing a candidate, you will only ever receive honest advice not lies, you may even log on to your own secure page on our website where you can track the work being done on your behalf should you desire.

As a candidate your trust and respect is primary for us…. no aggression, no pressure, just open and honest communication, when it suits you not us. We’re available (within reason) at all times, no 35 hour week for us!

Please, join us on our journey as either a client or a candidate and see what difference our approach makes. Whatever happens you will receive quality service and delivery. 

What’s more however, you get to share in the highs and lows of a group of ambitious young people as they attempt to build a lasting legacy in the world of business!

Disclaimer: All views expressed  in this blog are those of individual members of the company and do not represent the viewpoint of the company as a whole. The company isnot accountable for individual posts on this blog.

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The new Kaka?

As you may know, Kaka has been awarded 52th Ballon d’Or France Football.

So if you’re looking for your new Kaka make sure you contact us on


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Launch of our website

Well folks the capital2 website is nearly live…. keep checking and you blog readers will be asked for your feedback once our labour of love is online!

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The Launch of Capital2 Solution’s Blog… Welcome!

Capital2 Solutions is a specialist recruitment organisation covering the high tech and Banking Technology markets. With offices in the UK and France, Capital2 Solutions covers the European market and partners with market leading software, IT services and Banking firms.

Check out our website and feel free to contact us at with any questions. This blog will be updated regularly and will be a window to the world of senior recruitment and an ongoing way for us to communicate our progress to the world.

We’re also present on LinkedIn, Viadeo and Xing so feel free to connect.

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