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Late late late update!

Wow time goes fast!

Apologies for anyone out there who reads this (can’t be many given our appalling record of updating) – our last post was April, 8 months ago!

So how has the year panned out, since our last post we’ve added another senior recruiter to the team and have another who will start in Jan 2012. So over the course of the year we have really grown!

In terms of NFI, we will fall short of our target, but will make profit, and turnover will be up over 100%, so we’re headed in the right direction. Growing the business organically through hiring good people is an expensive process…. but the fact we’ve hired the best, means that with a period of consolidation in the first half of 2012, we should be in a position to make better profits and continue our growth.

Next year our aim is to double turnover and increase profit exponentially…. the markets have been uncertain all year, and that uncertainty looks like it will continue in the short term, but we started the business right in the middle of a recession and have grown nevertheless… hopefuly we’ll be very well placed for the upturn!


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