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And now the end is near, and so we reach, the final cuuuuuuurtain

paraphrasing Sinatra is all well and good (although in fact it was a Frenchie who penned that sound.. the late lamented Claude François) but we’re hurtling toward the end of 2010. how was it for you?
For us here at Capital2 Towers the year has been good, not quite very good, but good nonetheless.
We’ve lost a couple of people along the way, but have increased turnover by 50% (estimated.. final bilan not done yet), which in still uncertain times is not to be sniffed at.
We’ve also been carefully budgeting for next year, and have 2 potential new hires that we will look to bring on board in Q1 and Q2 respectively in 2011.
if we succeed in getting the people we want on board then we should be extremely well placed to continue our growth and even accelerate it.
Looking further into 2011 we will also be aiming to beef up our HQ in Sophia Antipolis, and then further increasing our Paris presence towards the back end of the year (assuming all goes to plan). We’ll then kick on with expansion plans for our London office in 2012.
This year has seen placements in France, Germany, Italy, The USA, Australia, the Czech Republic and the UK…. not too shabby, and further proof that with the right approach to hiring, there should be no geographical limits to your expansion!!
Here’s to a strong finish to the year and a strong start to 2011.


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