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Our local plans to bolster our international growth!

The first half of 2010 has gone very well for Capital2, we’re well ahead of where we were last year (although just behind our yearly target) and we are thinking of the development of the company.
Our aim is to build a long-lasting, ethical recruitment business based on certain shared values (more of which later). We also aim to integrate better into our local area, to become a prominent employer and success story in order for us to attract the best people to come and work for our company.
Late last year we moved the siège sociale of our business from Paris to the Sophia Antipolis region and our goal for the second half of 2010 is to extend our local network, and really put down some roots in the area. The strength of our business is our expert and international approach, but a possible weakness is that it is very difficult for us to reach out and touch our clients as they are based overseas or in the Paris area – we therefore are aiming to market our services more in Sophia Antipolis and Monaco, because the local market is there and we are better placed that most to serve the needs of dynamic technology and banking firms in this fantastic region.
Developing this local presence will also enable our company to provide opportunities to hire new consultants to service these clients, whilst our existing team continues to concentrate on our high level international relationships.
So our plans are to really become the recruiter of choice for Sophia Antipolis and Monaco, whilst maintaining our high delivery rate on the international front… thereby enabling us to grow our business and become firmly entrenched as a supporter of industry and a shaper of industry across both our local region and the EMEA wide market.
We mentioned values – another aim over the last 6 months of the year is to install a values based culture into our business. We will elaborate and promote certain key values inherent in our company and our approach and will endeavour to live by them… watch this space for the results of our work in this area!!!!


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