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2010 – Recovery or Double Dip????

Happy New Year to you all.
We here at Capital2 have had a busy few weeks, moving to new office in Sophia Antipolis, year end reporting from 09, having babies, forecasting for this year, and various other exciting things!
Taking each of those points above in order:
We moved to new offices in Sophia Antipolis from the 4th January – we’re still at the same business centre (Drakkar) but have more space, more access and this will hopefully enable us to continue to grow.
2009 finished strongly, we doubled turnover from 2008 and made similar levels of profit (more if you take into account we have offset various charges against the pre tax profit) – so in the end it was a decent year which for a company in its second year of existence, and given the macro economic conditions, is not bad at all!!
Baby – Sam Kirby (Capital2’s founder member) and his wife Vicky welcomed little Chloé to the world on 13/12/09. And with senior partner Cécile Blas also expecting a child this year, our succession planning is going well!
The main question on everyone’s mind is how is 2010 shaping up. The prevailing mood seems to be positive in the market, but much depends on how the macro situation pans out in the first 6 months of the year – if we experience another shock to the banking system then we could be in for another rough year – potentially a double-dip recession. However whether people are papering over the cracks or whether there is more deserved confidence, we’re experiencing a more positive response from our clients.
We’re forecasting further growth in our own turnover, and with hopefully the addition of one or two experienced recruiters to add to our existing team we can hopefully achieve our 3 year goals, which would put us on the road to world domination by 2013!!!!!! Mwa ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
another 2010 prediction is that we will try to blog more often and on a wider variety of things, from music, to sport (world cup year), to politics to people etc. Hopefully we wil be able to project the culture of our company into the internet stratosphere!


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