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End of Q3, heading into Q4, expectations??

Summer is ending, and that means there are 4 months left till year end. September is all about tying up processes from the summer hiatus, and building for the end of the year.

Clients need to hire by end september if the want someone to start before the end of 08, candidates need to begin looking now if they want a new role for 09. All sorts of factors come into play as new budgets are thrashed out in companies across the world.

Our world (nice link there eh) looks OK. Our focus is the technology and especially enterprise software hiring and this area seems less affected than the other side of our business (banking) by the global downturn.. let’s hope this continues.

We are continuing to work with established players, start-ups and US firms looking to enter EMEA and we are on target to hit our first full year’s forecast…. hopefully with some healthy invoices to send to kick off 2009 well!

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