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Environmental Issues / Carbon Footprints / Green Stuff

We here at Capital2 Solutions are a fairly committed bunch; committed to success and committed to delivering to our clients and candidates. We are also committed to running our business ethically and in an environmentally friendly way, here’s a list of some of the ways in which we try to limit the impact we have on the world around us:

1) Travel. Our international markets mean that staff often have to travel to meetings in other countries across Europe. Sometimes these meetings are called at short notice which necessitates the use of air travel. However every trip on the plane is off set by the next one being done via public transport… train usually.

2) Company car policy….. all company vehicles are to be as low on emmissions as possible. No 4X4s or Ferraris unfortunately.

3) All waste paper products are re-cycled and printing is kept to a minimum, all our paper products come from sustainable forests.

4) Any hardware is sent to specialists in order to be re-configured and sold on, rather than dumped.

5) Our research team use the internet extensively. However instead of the ubiquitous Google we endeavour to use which is comparatively more energy efficient.

6) We endeavour to use suppliers with a similar level of commitment to the environment as we have.

These are small steps, but every little helps and whilst we are far from being activists, we feel that everyone and every company has a duty to minimise the negative physical impact they have on the world.


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