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Who we are and what we stand for……

Capital2 Solutions is a young, expert and dynamic recruitment consultancy hiring senior candidates across EMEA. We are experts in the High Tech and Banking Technology sectors.

Our founder members are young recruitment professionals with extensive European hiring experience who, having grown disillusioned with the approach of the established agencies / consultancies, decided to embark on a new (ad)venture. We are learning how to effectively build and run an international organisation as we go along, but one thing we know inside out is our ‘metier’ – helping multinational companies hire the best talent in EMEA.

Capital2 Solutions has a vision in which the external recruiter works with the interest of the client organisation at heart, and is a trusted supplier. This contrasts with the sales-driven, aggressive tactics of the vast majority of (usually) anglo-saxon based recruiters.

Our recruiters are not targetted on sales figures, there is no month-end pressure on our employees and this means that our clients receive the best service on the market. As a client you will receive no pressure to make a decision unless you risk losing a candidate, you will only ever receive honest advice not lies, you may even log on to your own secure page on our website where you can track the work being done on your behalf should you desire.

As a candidate your trust and respect is primary for us…. no aggression, no pressure, just open and honest communication, when it suits you not us. We’re available (within reason) at all times, no 35 hour week for us!

Please, join us on our journey as either a client or a candidate and see what difference our approach makes. Whatever happens you will receive quality service and delivery. 

What’s more however, you get to share in the highs and lows of a group of ambitious young people as they attempt to build a lasting legacy in the world of business!

Disclaimer: All views expressed  in this blog are those of individual members of the company and do not represent the viewpoint of the company as a whole. The company isnot accountable for individual posts on this blog.


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