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2008 Predictions

Happy New Year! Bonne Année!

The New Year always brings a rash of predictions for the 12 months ahead. Here are a few lighthearted ideas about what 2008 will bring in our world of European Recruitment for the banking and high-tech sectors, and also in the wider, weirder world:

  • With the price of oil continuing to rise even after hitting the magical $100 dollar mark, company cars and fuel cards become a thing of the past as high tech firms begin to offer company unicycles instead. This is fine at HQ in California and actually increases productivity, but this is matched by dismay in the Nordics where the idea of unicycling to work through 2 metres of snow is not widely appreciated.
  • The Banking sector continues to mask the true extent of the sub-prime lending fiasco by flooding the market with equity and funding several high profile M+A rounds….. the public is satisfied that the global economy is strong and consumer confidence increases. That is until the memoires of the ex Merrill Lynch boss are published in june entitled ‘you bunch of fools – how we let banks rule the world badly’.
  • Hiring at Google continues apace and a new initiative is launched whereby using their search technology they can pinpoint geniuses (geniuii??) actually in the womb. A six month foetus provisionally named Jean-Lucien becomes head of R+D in April.
  • The search for Credit Risk analysts in UK retail banking becomes so competitive that new graduates are offered £40k.
  • The Private Banking world decides that Switzerland and Luxembourg are not private enough for their clients and the entire industry decamps to a remote iceberg off the coast of Antarctica. With the summer seas warming up around April, many analysts and money managers slip off and drown in June-July. Frustrated by the dwindling talent pool, UBS begin training penguins as client managers.
  • Monaco declares war on France as Nicolas Sarkozy insults the principality by going ‘on the pull’ there in September after his acrimonious split from yet another supermodel. His lewd comments at a photo of the then Grace Kelly infuriate the Monegasques and lead to a diplomatic crisis and ultimately war.
  • Monaco wins and abolishes tax on income in France.
  • Bloomberg enters the race for the US presidency.
  • The US election leads to either a democrat or a republican in the White House (a bold prediction)….. nothing really changes.
  • Capital2 Solutions continues to grow and develop as a company…….

Have a very happy and prosperous 2008, we wil revisit these predictions at the end of the year to see how close we get. In the meantime our website is now LIVE! So visit us at


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