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Merry Xmas from Google?

Many companies that rely on google-listings to run their businesses could be in for a distinctly un-festive present this year as rumour has it that Google are to change the algorythms that drive their search engine robot thingies!

This happens from time to time as Google feels that internet searching should be as democratic a process as possible and that the Search Engine Optimisation industry that has grown up mushroom-like around the company is unfair and favours those companies with the money to spend on this area.

The change in formula will usually mean that sites with hundreds of irrelevant links and blatantly contrived SEO tags are moved down the listings. Google feels that links to sites should be relevant, and that as one of the most basic ways to improve your listing is to link elsewhere and vice-versa, this practice is open to ‘abuse’.

Whilst this move may well be welcomed by smaller businesses whose emphasis is on the content of their site, many many organisations who have paid the so-called experts in SEO are likely to be disappointed.

SEO companies have reacted by stating that theirs is not an exact science, and that customers should appreciate the need to be flexible.

Is there a moral somewhere in this tale of festive search shennanigans? Probably not, although it does show once again what a leviathon Google is in the world of internet search!

Capital2 Solutions do not currently work with Google, as we find their educational criteria for hiring somewhat elitist, however we do have a range of jobs that should interest people in this area – for more information on this feel free to contact us via our website…. and we’re not putting the link here just in case!


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